Organic Mood Elevators

by Bombflower

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released June 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Bombflower Waukegan, Illinois

Tic : Guitar & Vox
Jeffdro : Bass
Tim : Drums
Liza : Vocals

All Songs Written By Bombflower

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Track Name: Bloodsuck
Mouthful of lies and a heart full of hate
To please the greed of yourself
You’d probably steal off my plate
Blame the world for the brunt that you hurled
But you can save your spit for your own face
And your breath you should save it too
Save your sperm and egg look what your parents made
Mouthful of lies and heart full of hate
Talk positivity and elevation
With an inner compass of downward navigation
You wanna take the whole world with you
But no one is giving you shit not even miniscule
One day you’ll pull them vampiric fangs
And I’ll pull a pistol fool
My molotov cocktail ragdoll
Bottled up fuel
Track Name: Trained To Forget
We’re trained to forget
That we’re born with nothing left
Take this to your heart
Our world is a shopping cart
Take this to your grave
We’ll spend what jesus can’t save
Everything is for sale and nobody is dying
No blood and no sweat in the products your buying
How we love to forget when…
Oh my the light is blinding
I’ll take more than I need with my comfortable greed
I’ll be the invasive species that breeds
Thoughtless consumption propagate brutal production
How we love to forget thet we’re born with nothing left
Can you swallow this one whole
Our culture sold its soul
Tell me what the fuck happened to music
They said that anger can be power use it
Track Name: Roads Rise
You fuck my friends and then you spend my ends
You can’t make love you can only pretend
We can’t make up tonight hate is all I can send
When I wake up tomorrow I am happy again
Because it’s not you naked in my bed
It’s not you spending all bread
Here’s the truth like your mom you deserve what you’ll get
To swim in empty bottles used thrown out and full of regret
I paid his rent and he ripped me off
He hunted for new ways to hurt me when I helped him when he was lost
He bore false witness just to define my fault
And then tore the flesh a few inches just to pour in the salt
You snakey little fuck I’ll break you like ten bucks
For a half pint, you half mind, collect secondhand fucks
You mean less to me than nuts your dad busts
And you know how worthless that feels
Just feel just feel just feel fail
Feel grudge feel grudge feel grudge
Feel Fail
You love me good its understood
The other half of my sky don’t want no last goodbye
Stick together like the blood congeals
I wish I could switch the weather just to show you love is real
Baby, baby, baby what you do I feel
Baby, baby, baby what you want I’ll steal
We could make love or we could share a meal
I’ll hold these hands and let these healing hands heal
You paid my rent you handed me a stack
And when all of my warmth went you put a coat on my back
You even hooked it up with movies, CDs, and a reefer sack
When no one breathing is real you exhale facts
Plus we still outsmoke em, no wax, maybe some snacks
We’re getting faded and cutting tracks
You my friend of mine dug the knife out of my spine
Time after time after time
Its understood she took what she could
But there are some things she can’t take away
That’s what I get, that’s what I get, that’s what I get
That’s what I
Its downhill with you but the road rises from here
The road rises from here
Track Name: Outsmoke
Smoke in, Smoke out
Smoke up, Smoke down
Get in your crowd and pass it around
Don’t touch that dial just turn up that sound
Give me more what I need that sound for smoking weed
Let me hear it what I’m breathing
Smoke in smoke out smoke up smoke down
Pass it around
Smoke down down down
I get high
Track Name: Your Death
The knowledge of your death
Came like a sweet caress
Oh yes the burden of my chest
Oh when you died
Opened up that space inside
Where I used to carry your heid
Shine like a storm on the sun
The guilt you can’t outrun
The blood and filth that you can’t escape
Out our hearts you scrape
Silenced with electric tape
So you can feel what that looks like
With a soul that can’t be saved
I watch you tumble down the grave
Your blood dead is just like your wine
Oh finer with time
The longer you aren’t in this life of mine
The longer your blood is oxidized
Track Name: Label Press Play God
Not another record that’s just a waste of plastic
Not another major label push, another major throwaway
Modern airwaves with no new classics
Every record has a hole
But everyone mainstream has no fucking soul
Label Press Play God- Save Me
Its hardest to find a real artist who takes real hard risk
On a real hard to the yard disc
Soul of the pop-star role of the pop-star
The minds that brought you stop and frisk
Duplication is certainly not authorized
Because only the label can dupe and sell the fake thing twice
Track Name: Structure On Fire
Power structure is painted white
And every our they’re building it to new heights
Blood-money checks write off human rights
Active aggression and passive indifference pay the bill on the lights
Deceit murder slavery rape and plunder
Slave based capitalism made to keep the non-white under
Under the gun condemned to the last run
The structure is a gallows from a noose the flag is hung
Keep subjects in check with a boot on the neck
Stereotypes have a mind colonizing effect
But the structure falls when we arrive at respect (for each other!)
To history hold a mirror and shatter what it reflects
Heal wounds of ignorance past with consciousness present
Wake up your make up and take off your mask
See the structure is hate, and don’t let it last
All you need is some fire and some gas
Track Name: Commodity Fetish
Commodity Fetish- Can’t copulate with what you fucking buy
Commodity Fetish- Can’t Copulate
Can I buy my happiness can I waste my time
Can I purchase superiority can I drive a pickup line
Can I hoist my status can I wear my lashes
Can I bear my cross can I squander my ashes in dirt
Can I fuck my automobile can I sleep on the steering wheel
Can the cash that I caress can I watch it undress
Can I buy a soul can I return my mind
Can I get laid on layaway can I buy an answer when I pray
Track Name: Rob Them Rich
They got it all and wanna take what you’ve got
So let’s hatch a plan and stop throwing rocks
Grab real weapons grab them tones and them glocks
Black boots ski mask running up in homes and spots
Gonna receive the value of our labor
Or we will proceed to clean out you and you neighbor
We’re gonna creep in your nice home at night
Snatch everything but the phone and the lights
Let’s follow the boss back to his house
Tie his family up and clean the place out
Then we’ll hit the next gated community
In the next town
We’ll take that cloud of rich man’s immunity
Take em off that high horse bring em back down to the ground
I’ve got a plan sewed up like a stitch lets get in the van and start robbin the rich
Gun in the face as I kicked in the door
I said SHUT THE FUCK UP and kiss the floor
I’m tired of being overworked I’m tired of being poor
Tire of being used and abuse like a whore
Tired of working for a thief and a liar
Today I got tired of being a grunt for hire
Working for peanuts can be such a tire
So today I got tired of being a grunt for hire
Working for peanuts can be such a tire
So today I got a gun and showed the boss how to fire
Swim in the bonus, and starve us boneless
Heart is where the home is, mind is where my phone is
Homeward bound stepping over the homeless
Power is protected safeguard where ya hope is
I’ve got a plan sewed up like a stitch
Let’s get in the van and start robbing the rich
Track Name: Die In Your Sleep
You found god and lost your mind you did
You found comfort and lost your spine you did
You keep buying and you’ll lose it all you will
You knew it all so you closed your mind your blinds you built your wall
Lived your whole life and never woke up
Lived your whole life and died in your sleep
Track Name: Queen Me
Excuse me “gentlemen”
Erase your element
Embrace your feminine
Erase your element
To many years of the male domination
To many cheers for the female subjugation
Open up your fucking ears and let the woman change the station
In the absence of fear WHEN we’ll rearrange the nation
You’ll never find a much louder voice
Represent a woman’s right
Screaming screaming PRO CHOICE
It’s just queen me
I pledge allegiance to end all things kingly
In myself…just queen me
Eliminate misogyny
Establish true equality
End the male hegemony
Then we oughta be
Living in a world where the women (could be?) are the breadwinners
Living in a world where the men (could be?) are the headgivers
And if you’re feeling exactly what I’m feeling its time that we shatter this world’s glass ceiling
Track Name: Jihad Broadcast
This ain’t a white boy blues
This ain’t a rich kid flok
I see with clarity the parody the hoax
The lie the joke
This ain’t a “make it rain” rap with pockets struck fuck broke
This is me grab the top of the pops and cut his fucking throat
It’s through it’s through it’s through
It’s new, this is my
Jihad Broadcast
Tune in a radio clash
Oh and I cried the day the music died
Can’t seek to find the light
This ain’t no dresscode punk
This is equalize women and legalize skunk
This ain’t Katy Perry it’s the great Lee Perry
This ain’t a rave this is scratch, cut, and fade
This is real to the grave cutting tracks with a blade
This is music history write a new page
There are bombs about to go off under the super-stage
We put a target on the Clear Channel artist’s face
It’s face, its fake, its fake, face this, this is my
Jihad Broadcast
Tune in a radio clash
Oh and I cried the day the music died
Can’t seek to find the light